Rusconi & Sauza, S.C., is a law firm specialized in administrative-fiscal, civil-mercantile, corporate and immigration law, with a focus in those controversies aimed at generating positive changes in the public policy of the legislative and executive branches of government, at the local, state and federal levels. Our firm is committed to developing a modern, flexible and multidisciplinary practice, supported by technological tools, strategic alliances with experts and key individuals, and by a great sensitivity to the business and human needs of the enterprises and persons that it represents. Besides its deep understanding of the law, of the institutional practices of our country and the global context in which they take place, the main strengths of Rusconi & Sauza resides in its timely and completely personalized service.

The key features
of the services provided
by Rusconi & Sauza are:


Dual approach
(legal and financial)

Remote access to
information speed


Sensitivity to
the business needs
of our customers