One of the primary obligations of the State is to respect the law and human rights. However, whether out of habit or due to conflicts of interest, many times the administrative authorities adopt their own agendas that violate the rights of companies and individuals that require their intervention.

For this reason, Rusconi & Sauza has developed a solid practice in defending the rights of companies and individuals against the public administration, both in those conflicts in which only the particular interests of those who have been harmed are affected. for the irregular activity of the State, as in those cases in which the protection sought implies a substantial change in the public policy prevailing up to now.


In a world of increasingly competitive markets, it is vital that companies reduce their tax burdens to the maximum extent permitted by law. However, ignoring this need, tax authorities often apply interpretive criteria that are not mandatory, or just take the most conservative interpretation of the law, increasing the cost of doing business in our country.

Therefore, Rusconi & Sauza’s team continually works to ensure that the rights of its clients are adequately protected in and outside litigation, exhausting every opportunity of defense against the tax authorities, whether local and federal, and the courts. Among the services that Rusconi & Sauza offers are the following:

  • Design of tax strategies
  • Reorganization and restructuring of companies
  • Tax litigation
  • Refund of contributions
  • Transfer pricing studies
  • Defense in administrative trials before the Federal Court of Administrative Justice and the Court of Administrative Justice of Mexico City
  • Defense in direct and indirect amparo proceedings before the Collegiate Circuit Courts or the District Courts
  • Supervision and advice on inspection procedures
  • Litigation before the Mexican Institute of Social Security
  • Litigation before the Tax Administration Service
  • Defense in administrative procedures of execution (PAE)
  • Extinction of tax credits
  • Consulting on social security arrangements
  • Advice in local and federal contributions


When a commercial operation has an international element (such as clients, suppliers or investors located abroad), it may not be subject to Mexican tax laws and authorities. So, the actual tax burden of such operations could be much lower than expected. Rusconi & Sauza has established alliances with tax and financial professionals from certain preferred jurisdictions in both the Pacific and the Atlantic, with the aim of providing you with the adequate information regarding the actual tax burden of your international operations, always in strict compliance to the applicable tax regulations.


In Rusconi & Sauza know that a vital component of the legal support that our clients need is the defense of their assets. For this reason, Rusconi & Sauza works to minimize the economic risks of its clients, as well as to solve in the most efficient terms their conflicts, whether they arise out of the illegal conduct of a counterparty, or as a result of a day-to-day business activity that requires a formal negotiation strategy or the intervention of the courts.


The public contracting market in Mexico represents important growth opportunities for any company. Therefore, when participating, it is vital that the company has specialized advice that maximizes the chances of not being disqualified due to the lack of compliance with the formalities required by law.

Also, sometimes, even complying with the applicable rules, the contracting areas come to violate the equity that must prevail by imposing disproportionate or unconstitutional requirements or bypassing the rules applicable to the procedures.

Therefore, whether through preventive advice or through litigation, Rusconi & Sauza is prepared to defend the rights of participants in public procurement in Mexico.


The activities related to public health occupy a prominent position within the functions of the State, therefore, in the Mexican legal system there are many provisions that regulate the role of health authorities and compliance with existing regulations.

Therefore, Rusconi & Sauza provides legal and practical solutions for those who participate in the different activities of the public and private health sector, both in public procurement procedures, in obtaining health records or licenses, or in those related to administrative responsibilities.


We advise and offer services in the area of ​​immigration law. Our specialization, coordination and development in this filed, as well as the extensive knowledge of this area, offers our clients timely strategies to give solutions to their problems. Besides the services in the area of immigration law that we provide, we have solid relationship with the immigration authorities. Among the services that we provide are procedures such as:

  • Visa authorization
  • Family reunification
  • Job offers
  • Obtention of employer registration
  • Updating of employer registration
  • Obtention of Mexican nationality
  • Obtention of proof of non-criminal record (federal and local jurisdictions)
  • Migratory flows
  • Apostille and Legalization of documents
  • Legal residence
  • Extension of residence
  • Change in residence condition
  • Redemption or replacement of migratory documents
  • Work permits
  • Notification of changes of address, work and marital status
  • Regularization of immigration status
  • Obtention of exit and return permits
  • Obtention of residence certifications