Mexico city’s Congress calls the mayor and the ministry of finance to publish the way in which the resources for the reconstruction have been exercised

In a legislative point of agreement approved on July 11th, 2018, Mexico City’s Congress called the Mayor and the Ministry of Finance to comply with an injunction issued by the Eighth District Court of Administrative Affairs in Mexico City in the amparo proceedings registered with the number 284/2018, sponsored by Rusconi & Sauza, so that the exercise of the resources assigned to the reconstruction after the September 19 earthquake are made transparent.

It is worth mentioning that on April 4, 2018, the Eighth District Court on Administrative Matters in Mexico City admitted an amparo, sponsored by Rusconi & Sauza, against the Head of Government and the Ministry of Finance of Mexico City, due to their abstention in issuing the rules that would enable the Fund for the Reconstruction of Mexico City, amounting to $ 5,000 million pesos, to be exercised in favor of the victims of last year’s earthquake.

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